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The project «Vote 4 Your Europe»

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The project «Vote 4 Your Europe»was funded with the support of the European Union under the Programme “Europe for Citizens”3 events have been carried out within this project:

Event 1“Youth space: why voting is important”

Participation: The eventinvolved54citizens, including 3participants fromthe cityof Lisbon (Portugal),3participants fromthe cityof Tirana(Albania),3participants fromthe cityof Athens (Greece),3participants fromthe cityof Bremen (Germany),3participants fromthe cityofA Coruna (Spain),3participants fromthe cityof Vilnius(Lithuania),2participants fromthe cityofBarcellona Pozzo di Gotto(Italy),3participants fromthe cityofKrakow (Poland),1participant fromthe cityofTartu (Estonia),30participants fromthe cityofSofia (Bulgaria).

Location/ Dates: The event took place inSofia, Bulgaria, from 23/11/2018 to 25/11/2018.

Short description: The aim of the event wasto address the declining political participation of young people, and to debate why is crucial to be democratically engaged and how to increase youth interest and engage young people in democratic elections, using different tools such as mock elections, informational campaigns, ways of contacting youth, lowering the voting age, adapting the electoral system, etc.


Event 2“Democracy tourists”
Participation: The event involved  54citizens, including 2participants fromthe cityof Tirana (Albania), 2participants fromthe cityofKrakow (Poland), 4 participants fromthe cityofA Coruna (Spain), 2 participants from the cityofTartu (Estonia), 3 participants fromthe cityofBarcellona Pozzo di Gotto (Italy), 3 participants fromthe cityof Athens (Greece), 3 participants fromthe cityof Vilnius(Lithuania), 3 participants fromthe cityof Bremen (Germany), 4 participants fromthe cityofSofia (Bulgaria), 28 participants fromthe cityof Lisbon (Portugal).

Location/ Dates: The event took place inLisbon,Portugal, from 27/03/2019 to 29/03/2019
Short description: The aim of the event wasto increase people’s interest in civic participation usin creative ways to show democracy in action. Every project partner presented democratic practices through videos, interviews, photographs, storytelling, etc. Showing the national aspects in the field, good/bad democratic practices were shared. Specific ways to create a more democratic Union were discussed.


Event 3“A democracy day”
Participation: The event involved 75 citizens, including 2participants fromthe cityof Athens (Greece),5participants fromthe cityofSofia (Bulgaria), 3participants fromthe cityofA Coruna (Spain),3participants fromthe cityof Vilnius(Lithuania), 1participant from the cityofTartu (Estonia), 4participants fromthe cityofBarcellona Pozzo di Gotto (Italy),3participants fromthe cityofKrakow (Poland), 3participants fromthe cityof Lisbon (Portugal), 2participants fromthe cityof Tirana (Albania) and 49 participants fromthe cityof Bremen (Germany).

Location/ Dates: The event took place inBremen, Germany, from 03/07/2019 to 05/07/2019
Short description:  The aim of the event wasto present the state of democracy in the EU, democracy’s forgotten turning points and provoke debate on the rise of Euroscepticism and future of the EU after the elections. We fostered a constructive dialogue on the EP turnout rates and understanding the weakness and strengths of the EU project as a useful, constructive and positive driver for European integration.

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