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REMEDY aims to emphasize the importance of remembering the past, commemorating the totalitarian regime victims and appreciating the present. The diverse EU communities involved share their history of totalitarian regimes and resistance in the fight for their rights.

The project will involve EU citizens of older and younger generation that will enrich each other’s knowledge of past events and eventually lead to reconciliation.
Total duration of the project from preparation to evaluation is from 01/09/2016 to 28/02/2018.

Traditional Settlements, Cultural Heritage and Sustainable Development

Erasmus + KA2; 2016-1-EL01-KA204-023477 Traditional Settlements, Cultural Heritage and Sustainable Development” (2016-1-EL01-KA204-023477), in which the Institute is a partner institution

Implementation of the EU Directives and Inter‐Sectoral Environmental National Strategy

Air Quality focusing in the acoustic pollution
ACHIEVE – Grant Line2 A3588‐SG‐1; 2016

AAIE Publication

Fighting discrimination and AntiGypsyism in education and employment in EU – PAL JUST/2014/RDIS/AG/DISC

The project entitled «PAL Network for Support of the Roma Entrepreneurship» (PAL Push Entrepreneurship) in the framework of the Erasmus + Program “ΚΑ2-Cooperation for innovation and the exchange of good practices” is aiming to develop a comprehensive approach and endorse a number of goals in training and employment 

in order to speed up Roma Integration and support the implementation of national Roma inclusion strategies and the Council Recommendation of Roma Integration. The project aims to support Roma participation of different levels, by gathering qualitative data about approaches and practices of Roma and supporting initiatives where Roma participation is a key to long-term change.

YOUth CREAtive Tourism Environment (YOU CREATE) ERASMUS +

The idea of the YOU CREATE project is to create a network of young professionals, in an innovative and purposeful way and will develop the potential of the rural tourism as a way to deal with unemployment in rural areas. To ensure the success of the network, a series of methods will be used, all of which will be in accordance with the youth mobility programme of Erasmus+. Methods of informal learning will be utilized in the form of youth exchange, where youth participants will actively take part in the project’s decision process, instead of being passive participants.

49 young people aged between 18 and 25 years, as well as 7 group leaders, from the 7 partnering organizations will participate in the project. Carefully selected young people from Bulgaria, Macedonia, Romania, Albania, Turkey, Slovenia and Spain will be active participants and ambassadors of the project and its results. They will be selected according to the following criteria:

young people with social disadvantages (living in economically deprived rural regions)
young people, coming from families that work in the rural tourism sector
young people, currently studying tourism at their respective educational institutions
The idea of the activities, foreseen in this project, is to contribute to the creating of a system, which decrease the incompatibility between the academic knowledge gained in educational institutions, and the practical skills that are needed to work in the rural tourism sector. This system formed in the form of a network, or a “society” with constantly increasing number of members – young professionals with various experience and knowledge in the rural tourism.

The mobility activities include: presentations, visits, cultural evenings, teambuilding sessions and activities that stimulate the development of leadership and entrepreneurial skills amongst the young people, strategic group games, problem-solving and brainstorming sessions. The selected activities will develop participants’ professional e and personal skillset. The youth mobility activities of YOU CREATE will:

implement intercultural exchange
enhance the presentation and teamwork skills of the participants
enable the exchange of good practices
develop a sense of tolerance and solidarity
create a network of young professionals, within a fast-developing sector
develop their entrepreneurial and leadership skills
develop their eco-awareness
create conditions for the development of an active and alert civil society
The following actions will be undertaken in order for disseminate the results of the activities amongst a big number of people who are not participating in the mobility:

issuing a final report, for free distribution containing important analysis and findings of the participants;
creating a website for more effective distribution of the results and eased communication between the members of the constantly increasing network of young professionals;
meetings with the target groups – governing institutions on a local level, educational institutions, NGOs, associations and entrepreneurs.
active participation of young people, familiar with YOU CREATE and its popularization at various bazaars, exhibitions and festivals
active online participation via social media, the Erasmus Plus dissemination website, academic reports, local press and specialized tourism articles
The project aims to reach as many as possible young people who are: interested in the development of rural tourism, unemployed, disadvantaged, or local government institutions, NGOs, SMEs, universities, schools, public institutions, start-ups, experts in the field of tourism etc.

The potential long-term benefits of this project can be seen at all local, regional, national and European levels. The to-be-created network of young people, involved in the development of rural tourism through intercultural cooperation and exchange of experience, will contribute to the emerging of successful young entrepreneurs and professionals in the rural tourism sector in their respective regions. This will lead to the opening of many new job vacancies as a way of fighting the high levels of local unemployment and the immigration of young people from rural to urban areas. The gradually increasing number of young members of the business network from different countries will help to spread the effect of the successfully used methods and practices. The diversity of experience and competences of the network’s members will altogether contribute to the creation of an “incubator” for business ideas in the rural tourism sector. This long-term aim is in line with the priorities of the “Europe 2020” strategy, “Education and training 2020” and the renewed framework for European cooperation in the youth field (2010-2018). The leading strategy of the project is to think globally, while taking initial actions on a local level (“Think globally, act locally”).

SeeNet Program – A trans-local network for the cooperation between Italy and South East Europe

A trans-local network for the cooperation between Italy and South East Europe which contribute to the debate on policies for local democratic governance, in the framework of the decentralization, cooperation and European integration processes that are developing in South Eastern Europe Countries. SRC&IT is in charge of the “research” activity as a service oriented to the analysis and systematization of governance experiences for social planning and local development.
The Centro Studi di Politica Internazionale (CeSPI) of Rome (Italy) with headquarter in Via d’Aracoeli, 11, 00186 – Rome, and SRC&IT is the leading partner to strengthen mutual knowledge and understanding, to foster friendly cooperation and to promote academic collaboration and exchange on issues of common interest and, in particular, on decentralization and local development dynamics in the South East European area (SEE), in the framework of the European Union enlargement process.