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AAIE/SRC&IT deliberately offers follow-up services to a course so that your efforts yield the desired results. For one thing, to transform learning into change it is necessary to accompany and monitor the necessary institutional uptake. This can be supported by e.g. post-training evaluations, coaching/mentoring, and knowledge management.

Another aspect refers to the challenge to stay up to date: AAIE/SRC&IT offers follow-up trainings as much for the acquisition and transfer of supplementary knowledge and skills, as for refreshing and updating the contents of prior events. We help you keep track with global and emerging issues and their recent development at the crossroads of natural resources management and good governance, such as mainstreaming CCA into national action plans.

AAIE/SRC&IT is entrusted not only with the conception of trainings and trainings of trainers but also with the evaluation and backstopping of trainer teams, and with a series of trainer coachings on the job.