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Development Goal and Program Purpose

Development goal – The professional competence of Albanian health workforce will be reinforced, contributing consequently to improvement of the quality of care delivered in health services and facilities and to overall responsiveness of the health system.  The Ministry of Health is the most important partner for implementation of project activities

The main beneficiaries of the program are: Professionals of Albania’s health workforce such as family doctors, nurses/midwifes of PHC; nurses operating at secondary care; public health workers and managers; hospital managers; specialist doctors. The health professionals are the most important beneficiaries of the project outputs for different reasons: 1) their professional competence will be improved as a result of continuing education;  b) they will benefit from recognized and accredited training modules;  c) their motivation and support will be strengthen due to recognition of their professional development and advancement, following the establishment of the system of certification.

Accreditation is the process of granting credit and recognition to continuing education activities by the accrediting institution (NCCE), based on procedures, standards and criteria determined in the Regulatory Document on Accreditation of Continuing Education Activities.SRC&IT is certified with 27 Credits to train health professional in National Level. Actually SRC&IT has carried out these training and has train for 27 credits professionals of Fier, Lushnje and Vlore while having on place the roll-out plan for Shkodra, Kukes, Korce, Pogradec and Elbasan.As such since the yeart 2012, SRC&IT has trained in total 153 health profesionist in the districts of Tirana, Fier, Lushnjë Korce and Pogradec. The proffesionalss member of the training has been general practicioners, pediatr, stomathologist, pharmacist, epidemiolgists.