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SeeNet Program

A trans-local network for the cooperation between Italy and South East Europe which contribute to the debate on policies for local democratic governance, in the framework of the decentralization, cooperation and European integration processes that are developing in South Eastern Europe Countries. SRC&IT is in charge of the “research” activity as a service oriented to the analysis and systematization of governance experiences for social planning and local development.
The Centro Studi di Politica Internazionale (CeSPI) of Rome (Italy) with headquarter in Via d’Aracoeli, 11, 00186 – Rome, and SRC&IT is the leading partner to strengthen mutual knowledge and understanding, to foster friendly cooperation and to promote academic collaboration and exchange on issues of common interest and, in particular, on decentralization and local development dynamics in the South East European area (SEE), in the framework of the European Union enlargement process.

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