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Continuing Education for Health Professionals Program

AAIE/SRC&IT is accredited from Albanian National Center of Continuing Education for Health Professionals to deliver training for health professional in National Level.
Accreditation is the process of granting credit and recognition to continuing education activities by the accrediting institution (NCCE), based on procedures, standards and criteria determined in the Regulatory Document on Accreditation of Continuing Education Activities. SRC&IT offers a consolidated inter-institutional relationship. SRC&IT/AAIE brings from its experience a strong and extended partnership in Professional Education with the Ministry of Health (MoH), The National Centre of Continuing Education (QKEV) and “Professional Development System” (PDS) Project.
Actually SRC&IT is carrying out training for professionals of all over Albania through two main methodologies:
– In Class since 2012
Since the year 2012, SRC&IT has trained in total 153 health professionals in the districts of Tirana, Fier, Lushnjë Korce and Pogradec
– Distance Learning (Online) since 2014
During these trainings held from 2014 until now the organization has trained a total of 186 health care professionals including 114 general practitioners and 65 of other specialties. The professional’s member of the training has been general practitioners, pediatrician, stomatology, pharmacist, epidemiologists.
The activities accredited from NCCE for AAIE/SRCIT to be delivered are:

Activity 1 – Accredited with 27 Credits
Integrated Health Managements; Project Management and Health Information System in Public Health
Class and Distance Online Activity

Activity 2 – Accredited with 33 Credits
Integrated Health Managements through special focus on Clinical, Epidemiological and Hospital Diseases; Diabetes
Class and Distance Online Activity

Activity 3 – Accredited with 9 Credits
Effective Communication and Health Deontology for a better public health services
Online Activity

Activity 3 – Accredited with 9 Credits
First aid kit materials and its use; Improved water, sanitation, and hygiene
Online Activity

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Akreditimi 2014 Dosja 1079 - 33 kredite

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