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Self-sustaining development depends on the degree to which people and organisations expand their abilities and empower themselves to shape their social, economic and environmental milieu. 

In this respect our capacity development support goes beyond isolated training inputs. We regard training as part of an overall strategic capacity development (HCD) process that seeks to initiate change processes through individual inspiration. Our strategic approaches link individual and organisational capacity development (HCD strategies) and according tools from needs assessments through to transfer coaching.

AAIE/SRC&IT’s services encompass

  • the assessment of training needs (institutional objectives, sectoral strategies, entry points)
  • the development of training concepts the development of training material (for face-to-face and virtual-learning), tailor made to cater for specific institutional, sectoral or regional contexts
  • the organization and facilitation of virtual and face-to-face training events as well as excursions and field trips
  • training of trainers and trainer coaching
  • study tours
  • post-training evaluation, follow-up and reflection.

The team and organizational development support we offer for partner and donor organisations is fuelled by our consultants’ broad professional competencies and decades of experience in the field.

Our expertise covers a wide range of topics and sectors, with a focus on natural resources management: e.g. climate change adaptation, rural development, disaster risk management, forestry, sustainable land management, biodiversity conservation, coastal and marine areas, value chains, access and benefit sharing.