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Through its projects in the field of environment and socio – economic development, AAIE aims to assist the social and economic recovery of Albania evaluating various social-economic policies initiatives with a special focus in the Environment and Population Welfare field. It dedicates its mission to environmental protection and nature in harmony with life through offering a range of technical assistance, information and capacity building services in environmental sustainability.
Being a policy advices AAIE contribute in central and local institutional strengthening, existing legal, economic and policy instruments, institutional frameworks, policy coordination and information exchange, promoting as well the involvement of the private environmental policy dialogue and development
Some main relevant areas of expertise for AAIE are: Environmental Legislation drafting and implementing; Environmental Impact Assessment; Research Monitoring and Evaluation; Energy Efficiency; Air Pollution; Information and Technology; Information communication and dissemination, Training and Capacity Building on Environmental Sustainability.

AAIE/SRC&IT & Environmental Awareness

Understanding the fragility of our environment and the importance of its  protection.

Promoting environmental awareness is an easy way to become an environmental steward and participate in creating a brighter future for our children.

Environmental awareness is an integral part of our success. By teaching our friends and family that the physical environment is fragile and indispensable we can begin fixing the problems which threaten it. Numerous resources are available to promote environmental awareness; group learning (in or outside of class), informational and inspirational seminars, such as our Online Training Program, and environmental books and brochures are just a few of the tools which can get you involved in promoting the environment through our organization.

AAIE/SRC&IT & Eco Tourism

AAIE/SRC&IT has advised and provided major policies to help preserve the environment and promote responsible tourism. We have also started several projects and campaigns to give the community the opportunity to become responsible for the environment.  Our aims through campaigns:

  • Minimizing negative social, economic and environmental impacts  on tourism
  • Enhancing the well-being of host communities
  • Generating greater economic benefits for local people
  • Improving working conditions and access to the industry

Some relevant projects our Organization is involved in the above areas are:
The study on Biogas production in laboratory scale, from different Albanian substrates, the main one of which the WWT Plant of Kavaja, fermented together additional co substrate; fresh grass, cattle manure and chicken farm extract. Biogas production was monitored every day during one month, till the biogas produced volume is inconsiderable. The conditions for biogas production are the temperature of fermentation (have to be 35˚C ±2), pH (have to be 2) of acidic water. To realise an optimal fermentation during the experiments these parameters were daily monitored, for one month (till the mini plants has to produce the lower amount of biogas 1%). Laboratory conditions impact the biogas quantity production, temperature, which was monitored every day, and the data were included in the quantitative calculation formulas of the biogas production.
Noise Exposure Monitoring at Tirana International Airport – from 2009 and on: This contract do provides the noise measurement process, description of specific sites selected for noise measurement, and a quantitative analysis of the noise measurement results according to European Directives on the Establishment of Rules and Procedures with regard to the introduction of noise related operating restrictions at community airport. Two sound level meters are used to measure noise levels at the positions. The monitoring and analysis is based on the noise – hub software (noise monitoring system software flight edition).
In air monitoring, we also are able to monitor the content of the the total solid particles (LNP, PM10, PM7,PM2.5,PM1); Sulfur dioxide, SO2; Carbon monoxide, CO; Ammonia, NH3; nitrogen oxides, NOx; Hydrogen Sulfide, H2S; Hydrocarbon, CxHy; Oxygen,O2.
In water monitoring we work in measuring the emissions into waters of the following parameters: pH; biochemical oxygen demand, BOD5; Chemical oxygen demand, COD; Total Suspended Raw, LP; Nitrate, NO3; Total Cr; Cr6 + ; Lead, Pb; Phenol, C6H5OH; Benzene, C6H6
Monitoring of microclimate conditions and the air conditioning in domestic environments, for the following parameters: Temperature, 0C; Relative air humidity,%; Air flow movement, m /sec; Moist interior surfaces,%; Content of carbon dioxide, CO2 in the air; Lighting, LUX; Evaluation of thermal comfort and the quality of the ventilation system.
Environmental Impact Assessment counts in various area in Albania: Works in Garbage Treatment, Road construction regarding noise & lightning, Electromagnetic network Ray Pollution; monitoring of inertia lines of asphalt concrete production; various production factories of bricks, clothing, footwear.

Energy Efficiency

Regarding the Energy Efficiency, AAIE has been involved in working with partners in participating in different Project proposal submissions for EU Grant Programs. Our organization has also taken the role of the researcher and/or evaluator of implementing project ides of Wind Power Plants. AS such we have been confident carrying out the Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) and Life Cycle Inventory (LCI). LCA study analyzes the product to its components and map the necessary materials, energy and processes used during all the phases of the product/service (input/output analysis of mass and energy flows from operations along the product’s value chain). The LC perspective manifest itself from proper material choice, through design and manufacturing phase, system exploitation, recycling and disposal process to impact to be reduced and/or eliminated.