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AAIE/SRC&IT has a track record in implementing courses for various clients.

Also, we provide stand-alone or integrated modules on organizational development topics such as participatory project planning, project appraisal and evaluation, facilitation, results-oriented monitoring, change management and leadership skills. Many specialized training modules are available from our long-term projects.  In addition to technical and methodological trainings, we support the development of trainer skills through train-the-trainer events and training-on-the-job.

To us, a successful training offers new information and insights, and supports participants in developing skills relevant to their work environment. Ideally, they will leave the course with a concrete plan of how to do things (differently), back at work. Much of these aims are in the hands of the trainer and facilitator who will support trainees in the application of the newly acquired knowledge to the greatest extent possible. Our trainings are tailor-made and reflect the needs of the target group, from decision makers to practitioners.

AAIE SRC&IT’s in-house team and associated trainers are proficient in up-to-date adult education methods and experienced in a range of relevant sectors: integrated water resources management, rural development, decentralization, disaster risk management, forestry, combating desertification, biodiversity conservation as well as marine and coastal area management. We combine technical inputs with interactive methods that allow trainees to acquire not only knowledge but to also develop practical skills and, an important factor in change management, a favorable attitude.

Working languages are Albanian, English and German. Simultaneous translation is possible.