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AAIE/SRC&IT offers hands-on trainings on technical topics to stakeholders and advisors from developing countries as well as to international and domestic development professionals. We support the development of trainer skills and offer coaching for trainers. 

In facilitation, we offer services in the technical intervention areas of climate change, rural development and (agro-)forestry, household energy, biodiversity conservation and governance/administrative reform. Specific expertise includes: adaptation to climate change, i.a. ecosystem-based adaptation, integrated water resources management, disaster risk management, value chain development, access and benefit sharing. 

For successful and efficient operations use AAIE/ SRC&IT more than 25 years’ expertise in:

•    project and programme evaluation and project appraisal workshops (products: SWOT, results model, results matrix etc.)
•    kick-off workshops (products e.g. Plan of Operation, Monitoring Matrix) 
•    planning meetings and strategic processes
•    community analyses planning with Participatory Rural Appraisal (PRA) tools, community-based ecotourism, community-based ecotourism, disaster risk management 
•    expert workshops, seminars and conferences
•    conferences at the science-practice interface
•    training in facilitation.

We offer the full range of facilitation methods and tools (small groups, open-space, coffee-table etc.).

Our clients are 
•    individuals like project managers, international and national staff
•    interdisciplinary intercultural project teams, monitoring teams etc. (e.g. team building and development, understanding of roles and tasks, conflict solutions).

Our working languages are Albanian, English and German.