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“StatisticalResearchCenter, Information & Technology” (SRC&IT) is a registered legal entity on Tirana Low Court Civil Code, article 2864, date 27/10/2002.

This scientific center through its projects in the field of human and economic development, aims to assist the social and economic recovery of the country offering a range of technical assistance, information and capacity building services:

  • Performance monitoring, planning and support
  • Evaluation design, data collection and analysis
  • Development of monitoring and evaluation methods, tools, guidelines and manuals
  • Health information system assessment and development
  • Computer application and decision-support system
  • Training in data presentation and use for managers and policy makers
  • Short–term training and customized capacity building programs and system strengthening
  • Evaluation research

SRC&IT conducts qualitative and quantitative research on a variety of topics. Research work and project’s implementation have allowed this center to serve not only as an expertise but also as a good policy advisor for the different actor players in the field of development mainly for the government which is in the process of designing policies in different fields throughout the transition phase.

Vulnerable groups socially excluded have been our focus as the goal of human development is investing on people by making them active participants in the process of development, meeting their needs and creating possibilities for the realization of their aspiration. The objectives of our center are achieved through various experts who, in a very scientific and professional manner, offer their expertise and contribute in the following project areas:

  • sustainable health and social services to marginalized groups; gender issue and empowerment of the individuals remain a consistent cross cutting strategy for all projects to make individuals more active players in their community reforms and systems more responsive to community needs;
  • increase of the national and local capacity  through trainings (tailored trainings) which consist on the training of local capacity who has to work with vulnerable groups;
  • advocacy and policy dialogue is another important role of our organization related to vulnerable groups while working with government structure;
  • stimulation of income-generating activities using the demographic momentum for the involvement of the citizens in this economic process, educating and preparing them through tailored programs to be better used to boost the economy and for helping them to have a sustained development;
  • encouragement of the debate about the best path for Albanian development in  remote areas;
  • provision of assistance to disadvantaged groups of population like: children who do not go to the school, beggars, children who work under the legal age of work, street children etc;

By applying high professional standards to all projects and assignments we are entrusted with, the paramount goal of our work is to deliver high quality and cost-effective services in a timely manner in order to achieve sustainable outcomes.

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