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Through its projects in the field of environment and socio – economic development, AAIE aims to assist the social and economic recovery of Albania evaluating various social-economic policies initiatives with a special focus in the Environment and Population Welfare field. Through its projects in the field of environmental and human development, it dedicate its mission to environmental protection and nature in harmony with life through offering a range of technical assistance, information and capacity building services in environmental sustainability.

Sustainable social services to marginalized groups; gender issue and empowerment of the individuals remain a consistent cross cutting strategy for all projects of AAIE to make individuals more active players in their community reforms and systems more responsive to community needs. Being a policy advices AAIE contribute in central and local instructional strengthening existing legal, economic and policy instruments, institutional frameworks, policy coordination and information exchange, promoting  as well the involvement of the private environmental policy dialogue and development

AAIE experience in working with International and National organizations is quite an extensive. Professional activities and previous contract experiences with different international organization has given to AAIE the opportunity to know the composition of the donor community, be aware of their tendencies and areas of intervention and identifying the best ways to approach them and make them and the government structures work effectively together. From precious experience AAIE has great experience in having partnership and relation with other CSO organization in Western Balkan region.

AAIE has an excellent relation with the Local Government Unit (LGU) the experience of which is built not only from the local offices but from a long experience of implementing joint development project in local level which imply cooperation with local LGU, CSU as well as business actors in local area.

AAIE/SRCIT Sector Focus:

  • Sustainable Development
  • EU Integration
  • Decentralization and Regional Development
  • Democracy and Rule of Low
  • Statistics & Information Technology
  • Public Health
  • Social Justice

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